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About Us


Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation is a Native led 501c3 non profit organization on the Crow Indian Reservation.  Established in 2018 and intends to strengthen our community through business, entrepreneurship, and community development.  We are devoted to creating thriving communities through a strong diverse economy while preserving the unique cultural and environmental qualities of our community. 

​Our Purpose:

“Plenty Doors CDC inspires Apsaalooke Independence”. 


Plenty Doors accomplishes this Purpose through a variety of community  and economic development activities specifically designed to create profitable self-sustaining businesses and long-term employment opportunities; including the provision of training and financial assistance to current and aspiring low-income entrepreneurs.


About 50 percent of the Crow tribe's approximately 14,000 or more enrolled members live on or near the reservation. Eighty-five percent speak Crow as their first language (this is no longer accurate.  I will get that number for you).  This tribe was called "Apsáalooke," which means "children of the large-beaked bird." White men later misinterpreted the word as "crow." Chief Plenty Coups was the last chief to gain that status in the traditional Crow manner. He lived until 1932, leaving his land and home as a park for all people.



The Crow Reservation is in south central Montana, bordered by Wyoming on the south, with its northwestern boundary about 10 miles from Billings.



  • The Crow Indian Reservation, headquartered in Crow Agency, is the largest reservation in Montana encompassing approximately 2.2 million acres.

  • The Crow Tribe has a membership of 14,000, of whom 7,000 reside on the Crow Indian Reservation.

  • The tribe is originally called "Apsáalooke," which means "children of the large-beaked bird." White men later misinterpreted the word as "Crow."

  • 50% of the tribe speaks Crow

  • The reservation's economy is derived from the rich resources of the Tribe's land, which is used directly to support livestock and other operations.

  • The tribe's annual celebrations include Crow Native Days in June and Crow Fair and Rodeo in August



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