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Curtis Yarlott

Board President

Curtis is a Crow Tribal Member. 

He is the Executive Director for the

St. Labre Indian School

in Southeastern Montana.

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“One day, we stopped looking back and started looking forward. It was no longer about what had been done to us and what we had lost, but about what we wanted to become - what our Creator made us to be... Now, our focus is to create a future that is better for those who follow and, in doing that, we become the leaders.”Board President Curtis Yarlott

Our Board is comprised of local community members who are actively involved in the community they serve.


They are each committed to using their knowledge, experience and skills to promote a thriving, cultural and sustainable economy for the communities on the Crow Reservation.

Velma Pickett


Velma Pickett- Little Big Horn College Ag Director and runs a cattle business. 

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John Doyle

Vice President

 John Doyle is a Crow Tribal Member.  He is the Water Quality Project Director for the Little Big Horn College.  He served as a County commissioner for Big Horn County for 24 years.

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David Small


Served 11 years as Little Big Horn College Dean of Administration.

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Tommy Robinson

Board Member

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Georgette Hogan-Boggio

Board Member

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Our Staff

Charlene Johnson

Executive Director/Founder

Charlene is a Crow Tribal Member.  She worked almost 25 years with the Indian Health Service, starting her career as a public health nutritionist and later serving in administrative positions. 

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