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Success Stories

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation was created to build a stronger reservation community through business, entrepreneurship, and community development.


We have hosted community forums led to meaningful conversations about economic diversification, goals and strategies.  Our first focused economic stimulus was the creation of the Apsaalooke Community Market. A steering committee was established and decided how the market was to be set up. 

With grant support assistance from The Foundation for Community Vitality, we were able to provide a sustainable venue for local artists and vendors to sell their wares during the tourist season.  Funds were used to purchase market insurance, create a logo, purchase a tent, table, chair and sound systems, flags and portapotties. 


The market was held every Saturday of the 2018 and 2019 tourist seasons.

What was "new" about the art market?

The Apsaalooke Market was a group of artist who came together to create a venue for artists and small business owners to sell their wares.  I am not aware of markets in previous years.  We had two markets this year. 

How did it come about? 

The idea of a market evolved from monthly educational sessions/meetings and bazaars with local artists.  The idea seemed more urgent as people were being laid off and families were struggling to make ends meet.  We had regular meeting to discuss training and logistics for the market. 


Who were our partnering groups? 

  • The Tribal chairman allowed us to utilize the location of the market. 

  • Plenty Doors worked with a group of artists. 

  • The Little Big Horn College allowed Plenty Doors CDC to utilize space for training offered to potential vendors. 

  • The Indian Health Service and MSU Extension – Big Horn county offered ServSafe Food Handlers training.  The Montana Department of Commerce offered Vendor training. 

​How many market vendors? 

We had a total of 16 markets throughout 2018.  The number of vendors varied from 2 to 16. 

How many "guests"? 

The number of guest varied from a dozen to over 70 guests. 


Lessons learned

The length of the season was too long. 

We need to schedule at least one food vendor at each market. 

We need better signage. 

We need a more accessible location. 

We needa a designated market manager. 

Next Steps

We plan to shorten the length of the market from 16 weeks to 10 weeks.

We plan to enlist at least one food vendor for each market.

We plan to invite vendors who will sell produce and participate in SNAP

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