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The Apsaalooke people will be an independent nation with control over their territory, no longer dependent on outside entities. Others will seek out the Apsaalooke as a resource. Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation will become a cornerstone for development and self- sufficiency.

The mission of the Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation is to improve our communities through economic development, individual and community capacity building, business development, promotion and preservation of culture, environment and food sovereignty.



  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Basxiakuleetak - transparent

  • Inclusive and collaborative

  • Ihkualassee -Excellence/honoring commitments

  • Forward looking and proactive – planning for the future generations

  • Culture



About 50 percent of the Crow tribe's approximately 14,000 or more enrolled members live on or near the reservation. This tribe was called "Apsáalooke," which means "children of the large-beaked bird." White men later misinterpreted the word as "crow." Chief Plenty Coups was the last chief to gain that status in the traditional Crow manner. He lived until 1932, leaving his land and home as a park for all people.




The Crow Reservation is in south central Montana, bordered by Wyoming on the south, with its northwestern boundary about 10 miles from Billings.​

  • The Crow Indian Reservation, headquartered in Crow Agency, is the largest reservation in Montana encompassing approximately 2.2 million acres.

  • The Crow Tribe has a membership of 14,000, of whom 7,000 reside on the Crow Indian Reservation.

  • The tribe is originally called "Apsáalooke," which means "children of the large-beaked bird." White men later misinterpreted the word as "Crow."

  • 50% of the tribe speaks Crow 

  • The reservation's economy is derived from the rich resources of the Tribe's land, which is used directly to support livestock and other operations.

  • The tribe's annual celebrations include Crow Native Days in June and Crow Fair and Rodeo in August aspiring low-income entrepreneurs.

Image by Joshua Hicks


Over the next four years, Plenty Doors Community will become a cornerstone for business development and self-sufficiency working in four primary strategic areas: Workforce Development, Tourism, Sustainable energy, and Agriculture

Work force Development:

The Crow Reservation has a high unemployment rate, a lack of trained workforce and a lack of needed services in our communities. Nearby towns/cities have a low unemployment rate are seeking a trained workforce. A focus on workforce development will create a trained workforce to gain employment in nearby towns/cities or create services in our communities.

Tourism: According to a recent tourism, feasibility completed, 1.6 million visitors traveled through Crow Agency in 2018. Based on a sample, 65% of those visitors traveler stopped in Crow Agency. There are two national park services, one state park service, and a blue ribbon trout river on the Crow Reservation. The Crow reservation hosts the annual Crow Native days on the anniversary of the Little Big Horn Battle and Crow Fair the Teepee Capital of the world. There is an economic opportunity in tourism.

Sustainable energy:  With concerns about climate change, the Crow people need to be prepared to look at alternative sources of energy as a way to power our communities as well as an economic opportunity.

Agriculture: Agriculture is the number one economic industry on the Crow Reservation, however, few Crow families’ ranch or farm. The interest in agriculture has increased among young individuals. The ability to grow and sell Hemp has been intriguing to members of our community. Support, education and resources are needed for those interested in starting or growing their agricultural business.



Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation thrives through the support of our dedicated partners who share our commitment to preserving our unique culture and environment while fostering a diverse, resilient economy. Together, we provide vital resources

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