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Small Business Support

Welcome to our Small Business Support hub, brought to you by Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation. Explore a wealth of resources tailored for business development, including information on the Business Incubator Program, Native Business Support, and the Apsáalooke Community Market. Empower your small business journey with the support and expertise provided by Plenty Doors, fostering sustainable growth and success. 

In 2021, Plenty Doors conducted a “leakage analysis” of the Crow Reservation economy.  A leakage study analyzes dollar leakages (that is, where residents are spending money outside the local economy) and opportunities for plugging leaks.  By studying leaks of dollars – that is, goods and services being imported that could be produced locally – a community can identify the most promising markets for new or expanded local businesses.   The leakage analysis is complete and determined that the Crow Reservation has a highly undiversified economy with massive leakage. For every dollar that comes into the Reservation, an estimated 85 cents leaves immediately through non-local expenditures.  The analysis also showed the community desperately lacks buildings and space to house businesses.

The mission of the project is to develop the Crow community’s ability to launch and nurture businesses run by tribal members. By expanding the number, size, and reach of Indigenous businesses, Plenty Doors seeks to strengthen the regional economy and improve the quality of life for the Apsáalooke.

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Business Incubator Program

What is a Business Incubator? ​ A business incubator is a workspace created to offer startups and new businesses access to the resources they need, all under one roof.  In addition to a desk or office, incubators often provide resident companies with access to expert advisors, mentors, administrative support, office equipment, training, and/or potential investors. ​ Most incubators are created as temporary launching pads for new businesses, with the expectation that participants will eventually graduate and move out. Plenty Doors has implemented a program for local Native-owned businesses operating on or near the Crow Reservation

Current Incubated Business

  • Tipi Creek Café

  •  4-Points Media

  • Two-Whistles Construction

  • The Morningstar Federal Credit Union

Support Provided

  • Access to computers and internet.

  • Access to printing services.

For More information Contact.

Contact Carla

Business Incubator Manager/ IDA coordinator.

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Native Business

Classes and workshops are offered to community members and small business owners. These classes are designed to inform and assist our community members to be successful financially.  


Classes Offered

  • Credit Builder Classes

  • Financial Literacy Classes

  • Food Handlers Serve Safe Classes: including workshops geared to help small businesses thrive such as Quick books

  • VITA Tax preparation services

  • Technical Assistance for Indian Equity Fund grants

  • Business planning workshops

  • Business Financial

  • One-on-one support is provided to businesses and individuals to improve credit health.

  • Business planning assistance

For  Upcoming Classes

Contact Roberta Development Services Community coordinator.

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Apsáalooke Community Market

Apsáalooke Market- Plenty Doors offers dates throughout the year indoor/outdoor to showcase and give area vendors and small businesses to sell their products- ranging from foods, drinks, baked goods, jewelry, beaded items, leather work, clothing and wearable art. The lists is never limited and all are welcome to come and sell their items and promote their business, no matter the size.

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For  Upcoming Markets

Check our Facebook page for our latest flyers



Contact Carla

Business Incubator Manager/ IDA coordinator.




Development Services Community coordinator.

Apsaalooke Market

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