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Meet the Team

Discover the dedicated individuals who form the backbone of the Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation team. Our diverse group is deeply committed to preserving our cultural heritage and driving economic growth within our community. Get acquainted with the faces behind our mission and the collective strength they bring to our community.


Charlene Yarlott Johnson

Executive Director - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Charlene Yarlott Johnson is the Executive Director and founder for Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation, established in 2018.  She has lived on or near the Crow Reservation for most of her life.  Prior to Plenty Doors, Charlene worked with the Indian Health Service for almost 25 years as a public health nutritionist and an administrator.  Her interest in starting a nonprofit organization focused on community economic development while working with the Indian Health Service.  Charlene acquired her education at Montana State University – Bozeman and the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill.   Charlene is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana.  

At Plenty Doors CDC, we know that our Apsáalooke people possess the ability, the intelligence and talent to control and determine our own destiny. We do not need to be dependent on outside entities to do the work that is needed or to determine what is best for our communities.  Accordingly, we believe that Plenty Doors CDC can foster community change by engaging Apsáalooke people in locally driven efforts to improve our communities through economic development, individual and community capacity building, business development, promotion and preservation of culture and food sovereignty. Given adequate resources, our Apsáalooke people will be a sovereign Nation that determine for ourselves how we can create a good future for our children and those to come. Plenty Doors CDC works to inspire Apsáalooke independence.  


Roberta Glenn

Development Services Community Coordinator - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Roberta is the Development Services Community Coordinator for Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation. Roberta is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana and grew up on Crow Rez



She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana and is working on a Master’s Degree from Montana State University, Go Catz!!! 

Roberta works one on one with small business owners and entrepreneurs on and off the reservation, offering technical assistance. She provides financial literacy classes to the communities, and other trainings i.e. QuickBooks and ServeSafe. 


Zac Andrew Birdinground

Owner Representative/ Project Manager

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Zac Birdinground is the new Owner Representative/Project Manager for the Crow Innovation Center in Crow Agency, MT. Zac will be responsible to serve as Plenty Doors representative during the design and construction of the Crow Innovation Center, with architects, engineers, contractors, vendors, consultants, and regulatory authorities. 

Zac has 5 years of experience estimating and managing commercial and residential construction projects. He is a dedicated worker, whose goals are to ensure that a project finishes on time, finishes on budget, is of great quality, and is run safely. Zac has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering Technology and a minor in Business Administration from Montana State University-Bozeman, which has helped Zac estimate and manage over $30 million in contracts. Zac is the founder and owner of Zac Birdinground Construction, a firm that provides preconstruction and general contracting services located in Billings, MT. 

Zac is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana. Zac is excited and grateful for the opportunity Plenty Doors has provided him; this opportunity will allow him to use his education and experience to work on a project in his hometown which will help improve the lives of the Apsáalooke people. When Zac is not doing work for Plenty Doors, he is spending time with his family and working on growing his business. 

For more information on the Crow Innovation Center, please visit the Crow Innovation Center section of the website which is located under the “Our Programs” Drop Down Menu at the top of the web page.


Carla Cotolster

Business Incubator Manager and Individual Program Account (IDA) Coordinator

Carla Catolster is the Business Incubator Manager and Individual Program Account (IDA) Coordinator for Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation (Plenty Doors). The Business Incubator Manager role is responsible for the small businesses incubated with Plenty Doors. The Manager helps the businesses succeed and provides services and resources for the small business to grow and succeed which in turn impact the economy of the Crow Indian Reservation. The IDA Coordinator oversees the implementation of the savings program to ensure the complete success of the participants. 

Carla is an enrolled Crow tribal member of the Crow Tribe and a descendant of the Eastern Band Cherokee Indians. Her parents were a part of the job relocation program that did not successfully “take the Indian out of the man!” As was the intention of that program. Carla has lived and worked on and near the Crow Indian Reservation all her life. She has a passion to build the Crow people and land up, as it should be, and this is what brought her Plenty Doors. 

Carla graduated from Lodge Grass High School, Montana. She received her Associate of Arts in Information Systems/ Business Option at Little Big Horn College and earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana. 

Carla has held many positions with the longest being the Administrator for Awe Kualawaache Care Center, a medicaid and medicare certified, nonprofit nursing home in Crow Agency, Montana. The common thread throughout the positions she has held is helping people and providing customer services. She has always said that she wanted to work for the people and just make it a better place for her kids, grandkids and even the unborn yet to come. Carla recalls a time in her life when her hometown and the community functioned self-sufficiently. She envisions seeing this again in her lifetime and looks ahead to the future growth that will occur to where it will be a place where people thrive together as a community.


Joree LaFrance

Apsáalooke Energy Justice Project - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

JoRee LaFrance - also known as Iichiinmáatchileesh/Fortunate with Horses – comes from the Apsáalooke/Crow Nation in Montana. She is Greasy Mouth and is a child of the Ties the Bundle Clan. JoRee holds a B.A. in Earth Sciences and Native American Studies from Dartmouth College and is, now, an aspiring water scientist studying surface water quality in the Little Bighorn River watershed as a doctoral candidate in the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Arizona.


At Plenty Doors, JoRee works as a team leader for the Apsáalooke Energy Justice Project (AEJP) where she is joined by a team of young Apsáalooke leaders and an advisory committee. The AEJP is dedicated to economic diversification, workforce development, alternative energy, and cultural preservation. She also serves as a consultant and volunteer on various cultural and community projects.


As an environmental science scholar, she was an Agents of Change in Environmental Justice Fellow, Aspen Institute Forum on Women and girls SOAR Fellow, UofA CALS Impact Leader Fellow, CLIMAS Environment and Society Fellow, Carson Scholar, National GEM Fellow, Sloan Scholar, NSF NRT Indigenous Food, Energy, Water Security, and Sovereignty (Indige-FEWSS) Fellow. On top of her research, JoRee co-manages the Ilíiaitchik: Indigenous Correspondents Program and the Biawaatchaache Collective that she founded.


JoRee focuses on the Apsáalooke landscape ranging from water quality, energy justice, to women empowerment. She enjoys being a community organizer/advocate, hanging out with the elders and youth in her family, riding horses, playing with her two dogs, beading, and running a few games of basketball.


Chartina Fritzler

Operations Manager - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Charitina serves as the Operations Manager for Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation.  She joined our team in 2020.  Her experience includes significant work for non-profit organizations as well as student financial aid and grants administration at Little Big Horn College.   Charitina seeks to provide service to those who in turn provide service to others, employs her own background and experience to work with individuals in the helping profession, and focuses to forge partnerships with organizations whose members lead and work with passion at the root-cause level of change.


Charitina earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management from Montana State University - Bozeman.  She is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana.  Charitina considers her work with Plenty Doors to be the most important work in her life-time.


Teatta Plain Feather

Loan Officer - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Teatta Plain Feather is the new Loan Officer for Plenty Doors Community Development Center, an emerging Native-led Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).  She joined our team in 2021.  Teatta has experience both as administrative assistant and program coordinators on and off the Crow Reservation.   She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana.  Teatta is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana and a fluent speaker of the language.  She is excited to play an active role in the important work of Plenty Doors by being a part of providing opportunity to tribal community members in building financial and economic stability.


Jonathon Jefferson

Grants & Contracts Administrator Trainee

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Jonathan Jefferson started as the Grants and Contracts Administrator Trainee at Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation in June of 2023. Jonathanhas served his community in the Army and seven years in law enforcement on the Crow Reservation. Jonathanhad recently moved back from Sumner, Washington where he had lived for seven years and was a Lead Technician at Rambo Pest Control for four years and was a security supervisor for two years. Jonathanattended Little Big Horn College. He is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation, is a member of the Greasy Mouth Clan and a child of the Ties the Bundle Clan.


Joen White

Executive Adminstrative Assistance - Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Joen joined Plenty Doors in the fall of 2023. She brings with her various administrative roles and management experience. She has 35+ years of experience delivering financial, budgeting, accounting, audit, and payroll services. She has proven success in managing and allocating multi-million-dollar funds to federal programs, agencies, and tribes of Montana and Wyoming.


Joen attended Little Big Horn College and Haskell Indian Nations University. She brings years of experience working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, the US Treasury, National Interagency Fire Center, and the Executive Branch of the Crow Tribe. She retired from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Rocky Mountain Regional Office as a Budget Analyst after 30 years of federal service. 


Joen is an enrolled member of the Apsáalooke Tribe and speaks fluently in her first language. She was intrigued with the Plenty Doors mission and core values. Her interest in Plenty Doors is the opportunity to partner with their passion and commitment to improve our communities through all it has to offer.

Meet the Board of Directors

Tommy Robinson_edited.jpg

Tommy B. Robinson

President, Board of Directors

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Regional Revolving Loan Fund Manager

Four Bands Community Fund, Inc.

Tommy is the Regional Revolving Loan Fund Manager for Four Bands Community Fund, Inc., a new position born out of the Economic Development Administration’s Build Back Better award to the Mountain | Plains Regional Native CDFI Coalition. The coalition is an alliance of nine Native CDFIs focused on expanding economic opportunity in Native American communities in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.


As one of five component projects being funded by the $45 million award, the Regional Revolving Loan Fund will provide the flexible, affordable financing solutions required to transform ideas, market-driven research, and informal operations into small business firms that create real economic value within Native American communities.

Tommy previously worked for People's Partner for Community Development, a member of the Mountain | Plains Regional Native CDFI Coalition for 11 years, first as a Case Manager before being promoted to Program Manager. During his time at PPCD, he built a broad spectrum of skills in various positions, including financial literacy training, Individual Development Account (IDA) program management, payroll, human resources, loan administration, loan underwriting, and loan program management.  

Tommy graduated from Chief Dull Knife College with his Associate of Arts Degree before attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He currently serves as President for Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation Board of Directors.  Tommy was born and raised on a cattle ranch in the Muddy District of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana and is a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and a descendant of the Apsáalooke Nation. He considers his service on Plenty Doors’ Board to be important to help serve his Crow people just as he served the Northern Cheyenne by providing opportunities that will improve lives and ultimately the communities in which they live. Tommy is also Board Chair of Chief Dull Knife College.


Velma Pickett 

Secretary, Board of Directors

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Elected Official

Senator for Black Lodge District 

Crow Tribe Legislative Branch

Velma Pickett is an elected official for the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch, representing the Black Lodge District, in Crow Agency, Montana. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College, majoring in Native American Studies, and completed her Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law from the University of Tulsa. Velma has worked in different areas that support her advocacy in protecting Indian lands and promoting economic development through agriculture.  She is a strong advocate for improved self-government practices that would enhance the self-determination efforts for the Apsáalooke Nation tribal government. She is known for her analyzation of the Crow Tribal government structure and practices, via her social media outlets. 


Velma is a founding board member of Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation.  She is an enrolled member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana.  She also serves as a board member for Western Native Voice, is a founding board member for Black Lodge Community Development Corporation and serves as a Crow Tribe Delegate for the Intertribal Agriculture Council.  Velma is a fifth-generation rancher and runs a small cattle operation on their family's ranch north of Crow Agency, with her husband and three sons. 


Serving on the board of directors for Plenty Doors has been a very rewarding experience for Velma. From the beginning planning stages to the current status of Plenty Doors--Velma has been able to witness the impact and growth of the Plenty Doors CDC. Velma believes that Plenty Doors is on its way to becoming a very valuable resource for the Apsáalooke Community andprovides many opportunities for financial literacy for many Crow tribal members. Plenty Doors has demonstrated an innovative approach for economic development that ultimately has had a profound influence on the Crow Reservation, whilst remaining true to the Crow cultural values of the community.  


John Doyle


Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Tribal Elder

John T. Doyle – Apsáalooke Elder - “I was born on the Crow Reservation, have lived here all my life and am a Crow Tribal member.  The rivers, streams and springs have been and are an essential part of my life.  It’s my hope to be a part of restoring them to the safe waters that they were when I was young.  Among the many questions I have is understanding why we have the water quality issues with our surface waters.  Why do we not take better care of our rivers and streams when they are so important to the overall health of our people and communities?

John is a co-founder of Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation.  He is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana.   John served as a county commissioner in Big Horn County for nearly 24 years.  He has served in many capacities to improve access to safe water and to improve the water conditions on the Crow Reservation. 


He currently serves as the the Chair and Director for the Apsáalooke Water and Waste Water Authority (AWWWA), is a founding member of the Crow Environmental Health Steering Committee and has been the principal investigator (PI) for many projects to test water quality on the Crow Reservation. He currently works as the PI for a number of grant projects at Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency, Montana. 


Maria Valandra

Vice President, Board of Directors

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation


Vice President, Community Partnerships for Clearwater Credit Union

Maria has 25+ years’ experience in the banking industry and community development. Currently, she is the VP Community Partnerships for Clearwater Credit Union where she heads up their newly formed Indigenous Strategy. In this role, she collaborates with Native CDFI’s, tribal organizations and MT Tribal nations to support the need for capital, financial education and services, and encourages more Indigenous people into the financial industry. Previously she was the Business Development Officer at Island Mountain Development Group, where she worked on special projects ranging from procedure development, mentoring non-profits and co-led the creation of a foundation.


Previously, Maria worked with Native community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to help them execute their goals. She also worked at a regional bank headquartered in Billings, Montana where she held positions as a senior vice president and chief synergy officer, senior vice president of talent management and organization development, and vice president of community development.   Her current and past board service is extensive and includes Northwest Area Foundation, Plenty Doors, People’s Partner for Community Development, NACDC Financial Services, and Impact Investing Committee of the Montana Community Foundation. Past boards include Neighborworks MT and Great Falls, Billings Clinic, Montana Economic Development Association and co-founding the Montana Indian Business Alliance and the Montana Financial Education Coalition.


Curtis Yarlott

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Executive Director and President

St. Labre Indian School Educational Association

Curtis is Executive Director and President of St. Labre Indian School Educational Association. He began his work at St. Labre as a houseparent, working with disadvantaged Native American children, and over time advanced to his current position, which he has held since August 1996.   St. Labre is a Montana nonprofit corporation that operates preschool–12th grade schools at four locations on the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Indian reservations, as well as a multi-faceted human services division. 


Curtis was born and raised on the Crow Indian Reservation and is a member of the Apsáalooke Nation in Montana.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Management from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, and an MBA from the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana.


Curtis currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Education Northwest, the Crow Language Consortium and the Northern Cheyenne Language Consortium.  He is the President of Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation Board of Directors.  Curtis believes economic activity is to education as an arrow is to a bow; only by pairing them will the people prosper.


Holly Higgins

Board Member

Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation

Commercial Loan Officer 

First Interstate Bank

Holly Higgins has been employed as a Commercial Loan Officer with First Interstate Bank, Hardin, Montana since 2012.  She has worked in the financial services industry since 1996 in various roles.  In 2004, she was hired by Little Horn State Bank and moved to Hardin from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Hardin lies adjacent and immediately north of the Crow Indian Reservation.

Holly is a member of the Plenty Doors Community Development Corporation Board of Directors. She joined the board in 2020.  She serves on the Plenty Doors Board of Directors because she believes in the strategic direction and focus on training a strong workforce and entrepreneurs. In addition to this service, she is a member of the Beartooth Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Board of Directors.  RC&D builds on the region’s strengths and develops the region’s opportunities in an inclusive and responsible manner that stimulates private and public sector participation resulting in an improved and diversified economy.


Holly lives on a ranch north of Hardin where her husband raises Coors Barley and runs a small herd of cattle

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